In today's global competitive environment, businesses can't afford to have a fragmented IT environment spread across different regions, departments, or business units. They need a single, integrated version of the truth to make the right decision.

Inaccurate data adversely impacts companies of every size, as evidenced by the diversity of companies, as per studies conducted by AMR, AT Kearney, Ernst & Young and Meta.

We realized this data integration problem, studied various alternative solutions, analyzed host of industry implementations and finally developed BDIT 3.0, an Enterprise solution for organizations having heterogeneous software applications, running on multiple databases, remotely with minimal integration between the different data sources for a real-time business reporting purposes.

BDIT 3.0 provides secure, high-volume, real-time, bi-directional data integration and transformation, between applications through well-orchestrated data synchronization processes. It supports a wide range of databases, including those that run on legacy, back-office, and other operational systems on different platforms.

Completely Web-enabled BDIT 3.0 solution adds value to an organization by allowing it to control operating overheads, to a great extent; increase productivity, drastically reduce response times, and gain competitive advantage for the enterprise.

The solution was developed using industry standard Java J2EE, C++ Development Environments, EAI platforms & middleware like IBM MQ Series, BEA Weblogic, coupled with host of communication and data protocols, to run businesses in a seamless manner and achieve enterprise level data integration.

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