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Today more than 75 percent of companies selectively outsource some IT functions to outside service providers. Outsourcing is a proven, strategic way to reduce and control operating costs, improve company focus and gain access to world-class IT processes.

At TekInForce, we recognize the rigorous effort and decision processes our clients must undertake in a highly competitive environment continually changed by new technologies. Our teams manage the day-to-day operations of all or part of your application portfolio to help improve the reliability of mission-critical production applications and control maintenance costs.

TekInForce provides clients with the most appropriate blend of onsite, offsite and offshore resources - customized to meet each client's project requirements.

We have a unique set of tool-supported transition processes that reduce the time, cost and risk of outsourcing implementation.

TekInForce's proven implementation methodologies ensure quality, cost effective delivery of the appropriate solution.

Our approach ensures that your projects are staffed with people who have best practice experience and are well trained.

TekInForce has helped clients achieve significant cost savings (25 percent to 45 percent is not unusual) and service level improvements (10 to 15 percent). Over a three to five-year period, these results produce a significant and sustained return on investment.

Remote Administration Services


To ensure maximum uptime, you have to proactively monitor your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. You also have to do routine upgrades, system tweaking and maintenance. .

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Application Outsourcing


CIOs around the world must demonstrate how IT can help their company achieve its business objectives. One common challenge is to make the transition from systems-centric, cost-based IT to capitalize on the advantages of value-based IT.

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Offshore Center


Organizations worldwide have long considered IT Outsourcing as a corporate strategic initiative, to better focus energies on their core business activities to gain competitive advantage on a consistent basis.

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