You have been Given, so that you might Give.

Giving back to society is something we think is an Honor at TekInForce.

If you are reading this article, you are fortunate.

You are fortunate to be able to access the Web
You are fortunate to be educated.
You are fortunate to be cared and loved.
You are fortunate to have a dream and be able to pursue it.

We have been given this good fortune, so that we can care for the less fortunate. This is the basic philosophy with which the Management at TekInForce looks at society and the under privileged.

It gives us immense pleasure to work closely with many organizations and children.
It gives us a lot of satisfaction seeing children sleep safe and peacefully. Children being able to dream.
Children getting educated and working towards realizing their dreams.

Every Dollar that we make, a percentage of it goes to charity.
This is a commitment we have made to ourselves and it gives us immense pleasure bringing hope and change to the lives of so many people.

If a million people make a commitment to bring change to the lives of 100 people each, within 5 years we can improve the lives of a 100 million people.
The problem can easily be solved, it only takes a few caring people.

How many lives have you changed so far?
It’s never late to start…

If you are interested in contributing to any of the projects, please feel free to call us or email us at

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