The capability to quickly and effectively have a two-way communication with customers, help businesses stay on the leading-edge of the market in rapidly changing business environments demanding accurate, cost effective, timely distribution and dissemination of information, is placed in the hands of end-users.
In the process of establishing communication with customers, by providing them with the respective statements, bills, invoices and transaction confirmations, play a very crucial role. Historically, all these forms of communications are paper-based, which causes a huge financial burden on the businesses in the form of paper cost, printing & mailing overheads. After all these overheads, the transit of the intended paper to the end-user takes its own time, at least days, if not weeks or months, which is again, susceptible to document loss and/or mutilation.

In this backdrop, with the advent of multitude technical breakthroughs, and the fast growing acceptance of internet-based businesses and communication flows, we at TekInForce have identified a viable technology solution for the increasing business problems of paper-based documents, in the form of "TRANDATA 3.0".

Web-enabled TRANDATA 3.0 process, adds value to the Organization by allowing it to control operating overheads to a great extent, increase productivity, drastically reduce response times, and gain competitive advantage for the enterprise.

The proposed solution is based on Microsoft .Net Web Forms Framework being the backbone, with Microsoft Server Technologies, SQL Databases and other Internet technologies, forming the respective layers in the entire solutions architecture.

Being an innovative and cost effective solution, with diverse scope for multiple industry verticals, the solution will greatly help the industry in ensuring customer success with minimal overhead and for TekInForce, with a very good business proposition added to its growing arsenal of IT tools and solutions.

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