‘DOCMAN 2.1’ is a document management system designed and developed to automate the corporate and office operations. It leads to a ‘paperless’-office with a good workflow system. The features are derived from latest technologies available for maximum efficiency in the operations.

  • Multiple indexing of documents
  • Variety of document formats are accepted for Scanning and uploading
  • OCR provision
  • Configurable workflow System
  • Fast and Accurate Document Searching
  • Document Change (Version) Control and Change Notification
  • Maintains confidentiality, secrecy and accuracy of data
  • Creation of Electronic Cabinets
  • Flexible, integrated security for documents and folders
  • Powerful document Archival system
  • Audit Trail Capabilities

An enterprise can define its own document templates, cabinet structure, work flow. All the incoming or created documents can fit into one of the templates and can be processed by already set workflow.
The generated documents can be images or intelligent documents with metadata attached to it. The document goes through the office flow depending on the type of document and associated work flow with comments and approvals. Finally all the documents are archived with versioning. An advanced search and retrieval scheme is provided for easy access and verification of documents.

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